Scanned by Brand New Retro from The Connacht Tribune Golden Jubilee Souvenir May 1959.

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  1. it looks like someone with my level of Irish wrote the Carrolls by-line. Any idea what the Players one is?

  2. The cló gaelach is beautiful, wish they hadn’t abandoned it. As for the Irish, even to me it seems a bit less than snappy. I think the Players one is something along the lines of: “You can’t get better than Players” (literally, “nobody has succeeded in improving Players”. I think that’s it, anyway).

    The bottom one is: “Taste of tobacco, beautifully packaged”. More or less.

    Yeah, it’s a dog all right. All the clunky lack of elegance you’d associate with old-style Soviet propaganda posters about tractor production. Then again, in those days, they didn’t exactly have to try too hard, not with adds for ciggies anyway.

  3. Meh… the bottom one is “best of tobacco…” not taste. Spellcheck…

  4. The Carrolls one – Above picture: “I prefer” Below picture: “They’re the best by far”. Bottom: Carroll’s House, Delgany (?). Makers of fine tobacco. Established 1824.

  5. “Bottom: Carroll’s House, Delgany (?).”

    “Muintir Chearbhaill” is roughly the equivalent of “Carroll & Co.”. Dun Dealgan is of course Dundalk, where the factory was, which closed in 2005 or thereabouts, after nearly 200 years. It’s now part of the Inst. of Technology. Fine building, and good use for it.

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