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Irish Spotlight was produced monthly by the Irish Dominicans and covered topical issues of the day.

Despite its similar name it had nothing to do with New Spotlight magazine.

The sample article below  from October 1963 discussed the emerging trend of an improving economy in line with a fall in the numbers emigrating.

We’ll have more scans from Irish Spotlight, Ireland’s “best religious magazine” in the coming months.

scanned by Brand New Retro


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  1. they’re very powerful covers… unnerving with a strange unsettling urgency in the language and graphics.. ‘hanging’…’the negro’ ‘your marriage..the danger points’

  2. it wasn’t cheap…one shilling in 1969.

  3. they seem unduly interested in what the French think of us. My parents returned in ’62 or ’63 to work at the airport – so a very salient article

    1. It being a narby ‘Catholic country’ would have had some importance, I guess

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