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All adverts scanned by Brand New Retro from the 1956 book by Basil Brindley called “On Two Wheels and Four 1956”, published by Brindley Advertising ltd, Lincoln Place, Dublin.

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  1. Class pix. I’m particularly fond of the Puch. Did they make bicycles as well? Looking forward to the book Dougie!

  2. Interesting how the Esso station’s odd enough location (buildings behind it) is fairly recognisable as the Esso in Rathmines to this day – although I don’t think the buildings are quite right.

  3. The buildings are definitely not right, Cian – it’s all pretty low-rise around there. That artist must have been on something fairly powerful !

    enda: Puch, yeah, that’s a real blast from the past. Yes, they did make bikes but they were never all that popular. I remember way back in the early 80s one of the lads in the flat had one… or maybe it was his girlfriend. I’m into cycling but I had completely forgotten all about the brand. Wiki has a good article on the company, with this about the bikes:

    “In the late 1980s, the company was being squeezed out by competition. In 1987, massive restructuring of the company led to the end of the production of two-wheelers in Graz. The company’s technical know-how was always better than its marketing and commercial success. The Puch motorcycle company was sold to Piaggio, maker of the Vespa, in 1987 and still produces bikes under the name Puch. When the bicycle division of Piaggio, which also included Bianchi Bicycles was sold to the Swedish Grimaldi Industri group in 1997, Puch became part of Cycleurope. In 2011, Austrian entrepreneur Josef Faber took control of the brand, with the 2012 line of bicycles manufactured by Cycleurope in France”

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