Advert for the Pye Playgirl Record player offer with Musgrave Brooke Bond, Cornmarket St., Cork from New Spotlight, November, 1966.
scanned by Brand New Retro

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  1. just gorgeous..i loved the finishing fabrics they used on the little players.

  2. Wow! it could play at 78 r.p.m. I suppose people must still have had old 78s around. Never saw one myself, but then we didn’t even get a record player (stereo) until the early 70s, It was a joint Chrimbo present for my elder sister and myself, her and her friends and their ****ing endless playing of Tubular Bells and Dark Side of the Moon. I rarely got near the thing.

  3. I have one of these players and need a schematic to get it going again, can any body help?

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