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5 Photos of Dublin Buildings by RS Magowan 1960/61

guinness-canteen-dublin-1961flats-Lower Gardiner St, Dublin 1 - 1961 rs magowan flats Railway St & Beaver St Dublin 1 - 1961  rs magowan
dublin-airport-1961 rs magowanbus-aras-1961 rs magowan

We recently picked up a ripped and torn copy of this 160 page book called “Dublin and Cork – A Book of Photographs by RS Magowan”.
Published by Spring Books, London in 1961 we’ve scanned and posted above just 5 of the photos from the book.
At a later date we’ll scan and post from the Cork section (and indeed more from the Dublin section) but for now we’re going with these 5 photos, which are, from the top…

The Guinness Canteen at the Guiness Brewery, James Gate, Dublin 8

Flats at Gardiner St, Dublin 1

Flats at Railway St & Beaver St, Dublin 1

Dublin Airport

Bus Aras, Dublin 1

scanned by Brand New Retro


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  1. That canteen building in Guinness’s is very good, I.m h.o. I spent a while trying to find out who designed it but no result at all. I wonder if it’s even still there, given the redevelopment of the brewery over the last couple of decades? The style is very 40s/50s. A bit like the Kevin St. CDVEC college, I thought. I searched the “Archiseek” site (which is well worth the visit, b.t.w.) but no luck, also the Irish Architectural Archive site, again no result. I’d really like to know. Thanks for a really interesting feature, Dubdoug, as ever.


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