cover-whats new fashion dublin 1969dublin 4 -1969fitzwilton house fashion dublin 1969
Irish-phone-box-1969Irish-fashion-dublin4-1969lansdowne-rd-1969-fashionp5-fashion-dublin-1969 lansdowne-road-1969p4-books-dublin-1969

We’ve scanned all of the above pictures from an 8 page a4 sized booklet/brochure issued in Autumn 1969.

The photos were taken in and around the Dublin 4 area with many featuring the newly built Fitzwilton House in the background. Lansdowne Road is also featured.

Unfortunately, no credits or details listed for photographer, stylist or models.


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  1.’s amazing how time has rendered those photos surreal and dramatic….when they did them,they surely thought they were just doing a fashion shoot..i think they look really strange and amazing.

  2. My thoughts exactly. Couldn’t have said it better.

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