carling-advert-1964smithwicks-advert-1964 beamish-advert-1964 guinness-essentials-1964
double-diamond-advert-1964 phoenix-advert

All of the above have been scanned from this well-thumbed 1964 copy of The Banba Review, the Journal of the Irish National Union of vintners and Grocers. Many thanks to Terry Meehan, for providing us with his copy to scan and post.


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  1. “Double Diamond works wonders, works wonders for you”. Wasn’t that how it went on the t.v. ad? Sounds of the 60s indeed. And to think that th’oul Harpic was once fashionable. Strange days indeed, most peculiar DubDoug. Work on transforming the former Harp brewery into a distillery continues apace, meanwhile. Yup, strange days.

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