I’ve scanned this from a 64 page booklet by Patrick Myler (who was assistant editor with the Evening Herald at the time) called Celebrity Files, a fascinating insight into the likes and dislikes of many of Ireland’s best-known people. There is no publication date on the booklet but it is no earlier than 1980. More on this booklet very soon.
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  1. Well, I read this on Wiki, so it must be true:

    She joined the RTE newsroom in 1978 and read her first bulletin on Christmas Day that year. Read her last bulletin on Christmas Day 2011.

    1978??? Well, Holy God. If anyone has asked me (which they didn’t, but I’m not bitter…much) I would have said she started around the early 80s.

    Mind you, that pic does her no favours. I always thought she was a foine lookin’ gurrill. This is from the Indo, Gawd ‘elp us:

    Quote from the article:

    “After four years in the Department of Foreign Affairs, Anne Doyle joined the RTE newsroom in 1978. When she made it centre-stage to front the TV news, she became an overnight sensation, attracting sacks of male fanmail not seen since the early days of the continuity trio.

    She jokingly told one interviewer: “There are some well-endowed men in Ireland by the looks of things.”

    Erm, Anne, you do realise what they said about Napoleon in that regard, don’t you?

  2. A hot 60something !

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