Rod Stewart was a tax exile in 1975 which meant he couldn’t spend more than 3 months a year in England. To promote his new album Atlantic Crossing , the British media were invited to interview him in Dublin.

After a delay at Heathrow Airport,  and along with girlfriend Britt Ekland, he conducted the interviews in the Elizabeth Taylor suite at the Gresham Hotel. This included a TV interview with BBC Nationwide who also took some footage of him out and about on Moore St which was later used for his Sailing video.(see YouTube video below – don’t worry it’s not the whole song – just the Dublin bits)

All the photos in the NME article, including the fantastic cover shot from Moore St, are by Joe Stevens with the article (click on the thumbs below to read) by Steve Clarke. All scanned by Brand New Retro.


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  1. I love the headscarfs. But on the oul one’s (not on Rod and Britt)

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