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Vision 1965 – Movie Magazine from National Film Institute of Ireland

vision vol 1 no 2  spring 19651965 vision mag list of contents

rte advert 1965 back-page

aer lingus training using visual aids (p15)

silverpine-studios-bray-1965film reviews ireland 1965

esso advert 1965 movie

This is Vol 1, Number 2 of Vision magazine published quarterly by The National Film Institute of Ireland. From Spring, 1965, it cost 2 shillings. It was 7″ * 9.5″ in size and, except for the cover, all of its 34 pages were in black and white.
All pages scanned by Brand New Retro


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  1. never let it be said that the irish weren’t early adopters of technology…barry delvin of horslips got into visual technology … ireland was a ahead of england when it came to boy bands with the batchelors….and i always loved it when i’d call the apple helpline over ten years ago,and got a cork accent on the other end of the line.


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