virgin prunes record mirror 1981

contentGavin Friday and the Virgin Prunes made the front cover of Record Mirror in Feb, 1981. This interview by Chris Westwood with photos by Mike Laye. Click image to enlarge.

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  1. i always loved that front cover they did for a christmas issue hot press wearing drag holding wrapped gifts….it was a great picture….and the great pictures they did for that early 80’s NME….oh god…and those brilliant and funny late night interviews on the dave fanning show.

  2. We put the Prunes on in Drogheda around 1983. We agreed on a 70:30 split against a €450 guarantee. We took €500 on the door. Their manager insisted that the deal meant that we should get 30% of the €50. And so we got the grand total of €15 for the pleasure of putting on the Virgin Prunes. Have I got a long and selective memory? I do. The gig was pretty surreal but I could never shake off the sour taste in my mouth from being shafted by a bunch of Dublin 4’s.

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