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Executive Magazine came out in 1979 and was based on the format of Man Alive (1974) covering Men’s Fashion, Cars, Photographic Essays (semi nude women), lifestyle, eating out, short stories and some politics.

The first 5 covers above are all from 1979, including issue #1 and another with Irish singer Geraldine Branagan on front.

Executive later became ‘New Executive’ ditching most of the Irish content and replacing it with generic international reviews and ultimately to just containing Photographic Essays and adverts for Health & Leisure centres. The bottom 3 covers are from this time (circa 1982).

We already did a couple of posts with content from Executive. For now, we’re just posting these 8 covers, but we will post more over the coming months.

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  1. I have 2 copies each of issues 4, 5, and 6 the English version, I believe it was scrapped following a libel case concerning British Airways safety record. (Issue 4)

  2. Fascinating , I used to buy this mag in some trepidation back in 1982. Just got Volume 2 Issue 3 below. Advertised as 1978 in error, I believe it is 1980 May ? Interesting enough articles (CJH is featured) and the pictorial blurb a bit overdone (no local models of course)
    Anyone have the Irish June edition of 1982 ? I have been looking for it obsessively for years . Much better than the English version due to an unbelievably dreamy model though I might have been hallucinating being 20 and desperate

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