Turlough Hill being told Strange Movements can’t go on stage!

We’ve just added 6 new photos to our previous post on
The Skank Mooks Punk Party in Dublin, 1978.

featuring Virgin Prunes, Skank Mooks, Berlin, U2 and Strange Movements

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  1. IN ALL MY TIME LISTENING TO PUNK-1976 to now!!!!-never saw one pic of STRANGE MOVEMENTS -apart from the inside sleeve of their single which i have,SO WELL DONE on this,fantastic!!!!!!!could we have some of DUNDALK’S STATIC ROUTINES(i know declan lynch is a long respected journalist but he must have a few of his fellow bandmates??)

  2. turlough if get a chance contact me at writing a book on punk,ska and oi outside dublin,belfast,and cork circa 1976-1989.if int please get in touch.

    1. I have never seen those photos,hard to believe its 37 yrs ago,thrilled to see them,i remember it so well

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