McBirneys (New Spotlight 1968) – National Brand (RTE guide, 1961) – Burns (Model Housekeeping 1961)

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  1. Don’t remember Todd Burns at all, although I must have been in it as my parents did a lot of shopping in that whole area and in Dublin generally, Dad being a Dub anyway. Used to be great at Christmas back in the 60s: Clearys, Arnott’s, Roche’s, Switzers, getting lunch in the restaurant in Arnott’s (only if you were good) and tea in Bewley’s and maybe even getting something non-clothes-related before Christmas (but only if you were exceptionally good and hadn’t pissed-off the parents to much – difficult with Dad).

    Wasn’t there another department store in George’s Street? I seem to remember that, although maybe it wasn’t all that big really but for a kid it would have been. We got hauled around them all. I don’t mean Dockrells either. Anyone remember?

    1. Coming back to this reeealy late but was talking to the Dublin side of the family recently and someone mentioned it. It was called Pimm’s apparently. It was at the bottom of George’s St., round where the “George” is now.

    1. It is where Penneys on Mary St/Jervis st is now. The Comeheretome blog did a post on the history of the building, just last week. see here

    2. That building was Burton as in the still existing menswear store. There’s plaques up in the shop about it but the font they chose for them is unreadable.

  2. Dublin’s gayest toyland…

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