From Sunday Press, December, 1978

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  1. Yeah, I remember those electronic chess boards – except from a little while later (early 80s) when one of the lads in the house got one, second hand. The price quoted in ’78 is outrageous – about 3 times the average wage! I think I was on less than £50 p.w. then, albeit I was 18.

  2. 3 times the average wage! Have an outrageous Christmas jaykay!

  3. Just taken a look at a payslip from 1978 (and you thought you were good at keeping things, eh?) £41.40!! Out of which I had to pay about £10 or so for my share of the rent in the kip we lived in in Rathmines. Mind you, pints were still south of 50p then, so the important things in life were catered for i.e. enough to get skulled and to get into the Cellars and Bananas when I (invariably) hit Dundalk at the weekend.

    Have a cool yule yerself, and looking forward to dipping in more frequently in 2013 (been travelling away a lot this year)

    1. Mad (but good) that you still have that payslip! So, six weeks of wages – or 500 pints – for the chess set!

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