Sunday World, 8th October, 1978

A Guide to Dublin Pubs – 1976

photo by Roy Esmonde

Review below and photo above by Roy Esmonde is from “A Guide to Dublin Pubs” by Keltic Enterprises Ltd. in 1976.

Grogan’s Catle Lounge, 15 South William Street

If you want to find a rich medley of Dublin pub-goers, encompassing artists and artisans, poets and postmen, you’ll find them mingling here in this great and friendly hostelry. Under the mastermind of genial manager Paddy O’Brien all goes hummingly. After all, Paddy used to cope with the torn-shirted Brendan Behan exercising his lungs in rebel songs, with poet Patrick Kavanagh in his gloom insulting any innocent by-stander or the gentle giant painter Sean O’Sullivan inadvertently upsetting six tables. Yes, this is indeed a place for real Dublin company – and excellent drink.

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  1. The late and legendary Luke Kelly sitting at the bar when Pub Spy popped in – amazing!

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