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Skinheads article by Pat Egan, New Spotlight, 1970. (Photo uncredited, probably Roy Esmonde)
Boot Boys article by John Walsh, from RTE Guide, April 1975

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  1. I’m pretty sure that the John Walsh who wrote that article for the RTE Guide is the brother of the late Dick Walsh of the Irish Times.

    1. more connections. I hope someone’s writing all this down! thanks europhile.

  2. The Skinheads and Bootboys are inside the Bank of Ireland now!

  3. there was a feature on skinheads in hibernia magazine from arounf 1973,used to be a copy of it in the old antique bookshop in georges arcade

    1. cheers Gerry. Must pay it a visit so.

  4. I wonder what happened to these guys,are they all still alive,or have one or two of them gone to Bootboy heaven.

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