This is from the Thrills section of NME, November 1988. Pic shows Arthur Mathews (left), Kieran & Paul Woodfull (centre).
At their gigs, Woodfull would also play the part of a Mathews created character called Fr Ted. In the article below, the Trio joked that they were working on a ¬†screenplay called, “Last Temptation of Chris De Burgh”.

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  1. Doug, this one takes me (or maybe both of us) back…at a certain point, Arthur Mathews moved on (crucified apparently) and Keith Connolly from Dundalk was recruited on drums…around this time (’88/’89), I was running the Mineshaft in Dundalk and Keith got on to me a few times to try and get them down as he – not unnaturally – wanted to spread ‘The Good News’ around his home town.

    So he put me in touch with their ‘manager’ and a date was set and a deal agreed…on the night, after the boys arrived and were setting up, I went through the usual promoter routine of chatting them up, making them feel welcome, arranging some tea, coffee. etc..

    It was actually billed as “An Evening with Paul Wonderful’ as that was the show that PW was developing at the time and the boys eased their way through a polished hour and a half or so of Lounge Lizard classics – think Ryan Tubridy meets Frank Sinatra – including a scorching version of Gershwin’s ‘Summertime’…Paul utilised the back of the bar for his wardrobe changes (including Joshua Trio) while enduring our encouragement and slagging in equal measures as he commuted between there and the ‘stage’ (!)…

    Actually, it was great but a tough gig for the boys as it was a tad too sophisticated for a good proportion of the regulars who would probably have preferred either a DJ or something that required considerably less attention to appreciate…

    The fun really started when the payment was to be made as the deal agreed was a guarantee or the door – whichever was the greater…but Dave (the aforementioned head honcho) insisted it was the fee PLUS the door…which would never be a runner with us…so after a band huddle at the top of the room,and lots of bad body language, the proffered ‘rent’ was accepted, a goodwill drink declined and departure made abruptly afterwards…

    Which was a pity and somewhat embarrassing for Keith, I am sure…he came in a few days afterwards and accepted what had transpired as apparently this was not the first time something of this nature had occurred…such are vicissitudes of running ‘live’ events…

    And, by the way, Keith, if you’re reading, you were bloody loud!!!

    1. Jake. Now that you say it, I do remember (most) of this. Great account Jake, thanks very much.

  2. And just to show what a small world it is, Paul was one of many guitarists who played for Skank Mooks at St Anthony’s Hall. See previous posting.

    1. Of course. You know, I feel a Pete Frame style rock family tree thing coming on. Thanks for the connection spot, Colm.

  3. Yes, Paul played with Skank Mooks at the time of the St Anthony’s Hall gig. His other alter egos include the great Ding Dong Denny O’Reilly and Ding Dong’s brother Tony St James and the bloke who was into greyhounds, on Father Ted. He can currently be seen as the on-screen narrator of “Thank You For The Music” the story of Abba, now playing at the Tivoli Theatre in Dublin.

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