Santa visits Marian Park, Dundalk, 1964

Every Christmas, the residents association organised a visit from Santa. That’s me, bottom left, with the nice knees, along with the other main providers of old mags and photos which I’ve used on my blog.

Happy Christmas to all you readers of BrandNewRetro. Thanks very much for your visits & support during the year.  I’ve had a lot of fun doing it and there’s plenty more old stuff in the sack for next year!

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  1. Christmas ’64… my first one at school, having started the previous September when I was 4. I remember they brought in a Santa (which was pretty cool, really, since the nuns hadn’t a great reputation for kid-friendliness and were pretty scary ladies to a 4-year-old, in their long habits and veils). Anyway, I got really confused, because there were already 2 Santas in the town, one outside Woolworth’s, which was a good one, and one a bit further up outside the long-gone Parks’ café-cum-toy-cum-knickknack shop (it later became Music Tapes), who was a crap Santa with a tatty robe and beard. We kids could tell. So I got really upset because I thought that with three Santas on the scene, the chances of the real one appearing were getting slim. Or something. But it was enough to have me choking back the tears (the nuns basically didn’t do kids crying) until after school on the way up to the bus office with my (older) sister and her friends I let it all out.

    Boy, was that ever a mistake. It was there and then that I learned the fact, which they gleefully told me… (gulp)… that… there was… no…

    But I seem to have got over it quick enough, because despite losing my Santa cherry at that very young age, the assurance that “Mammy and Daddy buy them anyway …” was, well, reassuring! Mind you, my sister swore me to silence before we got home, under the direst threats.

    1. Wow. Great memories there JK. I remember Parkes too before it became Soraghans Music Tapes. A long interesting shop. Music Tapes always stuck the Music Week top 75 singles chart on its door every Thursday.

  2. Yeah, doug, Soraghan (never learned his first name) was a good guy. I bought a few LPs there when I could afford them and he was very good at ordering stuff for you as well – he got me “Monty Python & the Holy Grail” soundtrack which seemed impossible to get but he did it. He never seemed to mind the endless browsing we did when we had no money (or when what we had was going to be spent in the Cellars/Bananas – priorities, after all).

  3. …very true. My brother and I both said the same thing about him & his shop, just earlier today.

    1. Serendipity! I was talking about this with my sister yesterday. She swears it was 1965! Whatever. She also said that Soraghan (really wish I knew his name) had a shop in Park St. before “Music Tapes”. I remember the shop alright but didn’t know it was his.

  4. Santa memories???? i went to an ANCO party in 1982 at the age of 21. they brought us all the way to Dublin and they had a crap santy. Jinx Lennon u weren’t far wrong – prophetic in fact. City of Styrofoam cups yeah.

    thanks for putting the site together Doug…..great laughs….much respect!

  5. Great picture! My grandparents lived in Marian Park around the same time your photograph would have been taken.

  6. Really? Thanks for comment, Colr91, I hadn’t seen this photo for a while.

  7. They were John and Mary Teresa, they lived at either number 103 or 106. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply back!

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