Advert for Master Charge from Better Homes mag 1969.
Advert for Master Charge scanned from Better Homes mag 1969. Not Irish…but its Christmas!! Click it.
madness record mirror 1980
Madness – from Record Mirror Christmas photo shoot 1980
Christmas Lights, OConnell/Patrick St Limerick, Photo. Year unknown.

switzers dublin Magill1982
Switzers Dublin from Magill 1982

various- u2 tv club brown thomas dublin 1980

From Executive magazine , circa 1982

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  1. “… to a gold-initialled face cloth for £1.50”

    Even in 1982, gold-initialled and in a BT bag and all, he could give up any chance of a bit of whatever if that was all he bought her 🙂 I’m surprised BT lowered themselves to include that. It would be like buying something for €5 euro nowadays, given that a pint was £1 back in ’82.

    Never actually liked Captain America’s. I thought it was overpriced, although then again most places were when you were on about £80 a week before paying the rent etc. There was a place in Middle Abbey St. called the Hot Rod we used to go to, which was all minimalist wood floors and bare brick walls long before that became fashionable. Great food and cheaper than Cap’n A’s. The Blackboard in Chatham St was good as well. And the American Connection in Talbot St with the Jim Fitzpatrick “Valentine’s Day” art on the walls. Great.

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