vox cover issue 4 1980 genesis p orridgeI’ve scanned in  issue 4 of renowned Dublin music Fanzine, Vox, which came out at the end of 1980. John Lennon had just died and there is a full page picture of him on page 21. The cover has a pencil drawing of Genesis P Orridge from Throbbing Gristle, who also topped the Vox charts. (see below). This issue had 24 pages, all typed, all pages in black and white and, without any adverts, value at 40p. Editorial, design and layout of the mag was done by Dave Clifford and Ray Murphy. I’ve scanned in those articles featuring local emerging groups like the Threat and Chant Chant Chant, Art Thou (with the nicely named, Mark Question, on bass) plus a report on a weekend visit to Cork for a Fall & Micro Disney gig and Gavin Friday picks 8 Irish groups from 1980.

blades dc nien  atrix shade peridots nun attax irish bands 1980
chant-chant-chant-pic dublin 1980
vox oneofthelads john lydon 1980
threat 1980

vox mag cork gig micro disney the fall vox_mark_question art thou bodis pat kirk philip mullen

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  1. Is the Dave Hanlon who wrote those singles reviews the same Dave Hanlon with black hair who never, ever stopped talking?

  2. Loving the graffiti in the middle photo, bottom row “Hells Angles” – now they’d be a fearsome bunch to come across if they backed you into a corner.

  3. How cool is this . I had a really brilliant time running the Boddis club with my good friend Pat Kirk ,
    putting on a lot of the bands mentioned here as well as MicroDisney and Big Self ( very lovely people – occasionally hear about them) . It was a brilliant and inspiring time in Irish Music and we were all into the music and not the money. I have been a creative music teacher in England since the mid 1980’s but really remember those times with a great fondness. I will pass this on to people like Paul Bibby and others who were there at the time ,
    Phil Mullen

    1. Very cool Phil. I have a pic of you and Pat Kirk from the Boddis Magnet days from an In Dublin article from early 80s. Will post it very soon. Great to hear from you, thanks for leaving comment.

  4. Nice chart.Most of my favourite bands are included.Going to see The Fall on saturday in the Pavillion in Cork.Lets party like it’s 1980.

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