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In Dublin – Christmas 1979

in dublin christmas 1979 cover
threat dandelion mkt dublin 1979
1979 hall of fame in dublin
mcgonagles christmas 1979
supersonic sounds dublin 1979 record shop

All pages scanned from issue 92 of In Dublin. Cover emrodiery by Susanne Linde.
McGonagles open on Christmas Eve until 2 in the morning!!


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  1. I still have The Threat’s High Cost of Living/Lullaby in C in a box somewhere.

    McGonagles “substantial meal” of Birds Eye hamburger, chips and peas was washed down nicely by the Liebfraumilch in the white paper cups.

    Happy days.


  2. great place for punks and skins-neu belsen,the threat,the sinners,of xerox etc etc.lovely ladies at the back serving carte blanche curried wellingtons,esssence of pot scrape,and rice uncle a la ben.incredible.and great to encourage pogoing.


  3. I remember when the Hippies were cooking the food in Mc G’s, all very wholesome but back to the burgers and chips. Remember when the upstairs room showed movies? The cops raiding the place frequently? I used to get in for free so it was my haunt. Happy Days!


  4. Spent many great nights in McGonagles from the Sunday night punk gigs in the late 70Ts, early 80Ts – Echo & Bunnymen, the Lurkers and XTC being highlights to club nights at Club Sandino and Voodoo in the late 80Ts. Never touched the food!


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