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Show me the Mosney – More Irish Butlins 1960s to 1980s

pool view butlins mosney
lounge butlins mosney

rink butlins mosney All above photos by Elmar Ludwig except the skating rink photo which is by David Noble and all scanned from the excellent “Our True Intent is all for your delight” book (John Hinde/Martin Parr).

Butlins left a run down Mosney in 1982 when it was taken over by Drogheda businessman Phelim McCluskey. The black & white photos and article below are scanned from a 1984 “Success” magazine called “Success”.
mosney-1984 atari computer centre

mosney success1 mccloskey mosney success2 mccloskey

Finally, below is an aerial shot of Mosney from 2005 via Ordnance Survey Ireland. I’ve added the text showing, my recollection, of the whereabouts of the main attractions!
mosney aerial view 2005 osi

See also:
Mosney Souvenir Programme 1962
Mid 1960’s Bultins photo
Mosney Computer Centre 


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  1. Ahhh, the memory isn’t that bad, so. It WAS the “Atari” computer centre (“base” as far as I recall?). The Article is interesting alright, about the place having been cleaned-up and improved by that stage. My memory of it from the football weekend there in May ’84 (a lot of which admittedly was spent in somewhat of a haze) was that it was quite tatty. Then again, it’s all relative, when I recall the state of the flat I was living in in Rathmines back then.


  2. I have a fond memory of being the only person in the (very dark) Mosney TV room to watch TOTP – it was June 1966 – “Black is Black”, “Sunny Afternoon” and “Bus Stop”. Absolute heaven for a 14-going-on-15 year old. Those colour photos are so memory-inducing. And thanks for the aerial view – for some reason Google doesn’t want to show me any Mosney views – are we sure it’s not being used for intergalactic missile testing?


  3. Wow! Lovely memories. I was calling Bingo / sweeping / slots 1978 -1985 as summer work in Butlins Mosney. The “Pig & Whistle” The pool…”I remember that summer in Dublin” was the music memory of that era. Fantastic!!!


  4. So Sad, what a lovely lovely Place. never will my memories be forgotton, how i loved Butlins back in the sixtees, as a 14 year old boy carrying luggage and picking up litter shor it was great fun! I miss it so much, God if your there ? bring it back again for sure…..? Max mc Mc Kenna, AGE 59+.,


      • Hi worked there at that time for paddy Hanlon . He had the Cosy Kitchen and also the rock shop . We also did the candy floss in the amusement park .Worked with some great people at that time .

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  5. It’s soo… sad seeing it the way it is now a run down refugee camp .
    Mosney was a great fun family camp great times we had


  6. I m an American ,I spent a week there in June of 78, I remember it fondly. nothing like “baby crying in shally s5. I’m headed back to Ireland in june of 17 and thought of looking it up. won t do it now I ll just live with the memories


  7. Hi all , in the early 60s my sister and myself were taken to Mosney Butlins by our Aunts , a little later we discovered we appeared on a TV advert , I would love to be able to find it and show my sister . Any help would be much appreciated thanks Franky


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