slate issue 1 cover December 2000

Eleven years ago this month, the first issue of Slate magazine hit the streets. This was its pledge…

editorial the slate magazine issue 1 dublin 2000

This ethos remained a feature throughout its impressive run of a further 26 issues.  And it was a bargain. All you had to do was get into Tower records and pick up your free copy before supplies ran out.
page 3 the slate December 2000

lektrixs club Dublin 2000
Issue 1 had 48 glossy pages. 11 pages were adverts such as the one above for Lextricks.
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The page below is a scan of a page from the “best of” Slate  which  shows the covers for each of the 27 issues.
 the slate dublin mag 2000


Thanks to Don Rosco for lending me his copy of Issue #1.

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  1. Funnily enough I was just looking through the LAST EVER ISSUE during the week. It frequently induced snot flying out the nose guffaws when reading. Thompson and Venables Boyband and the Blacks in the Jacks issues being two highlights.

    Sadly missed.

    I was at that “most anticipated” Primal Scream gig in The Point along 2 or 300 other punters. It was still one of the all time great gigs. They just went for it full tilt take no prisioners with Kevin Shiels sticking his foot full on the accelrtr.

  2. Hi Dave, just 300 punters at the Primals gig? They’ll be hoping for more than that this December.

  3. Would be great if all the indivdual Slate issues could be scanned in & uploaded somewhere, i know i have a few at home..

  4. I scanned about 6 issues – the ones I wrote in – a few years ago when I waas blogging. Long deleted from the internet now though.
    I still have them though.

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