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I have a soft spot for RTE’s late 70s/80s kids programme “Youngline” if only because they gave a group of unknown teenage musicians from Dundalk (who had no manager or any media or music connections) a television appearance on their progamme on the basis of a demo tape and photos that the group had sent into them. That group was Choice and you can see more about that in one of my earlier posts.
The annual, like most annuals, is pretty awful. The rock pages have some interest. Ian Wilson wrote this one and even mentions Dundalk group Static Routines!

 Ian Wilson youngline 1980 annual page 1
 Ian Wilson youngline 1980 rory gallagher

Hilary Orpen young line 1980

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  1. Youngline used to present a trophy to a local sports club. It was called “Team Of The Week”. I have the one that was given to the now defunct Transport boxing club around 1979. If you want to see it let me know. RTE Sport or the archive didnt want it, by the way.

  2. I’ve seen a copy of this for sale in a flea market for 12 Euros.Would love to get it but a bit pricey for that I think.

    1. jeeez!! sterling too!

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