Published in the UK, “Words” was a very thin (16 pages only), non glossy, monthly magazine with no adverts which simply displayed the lyrics of about 30 or so pop songs from that month. It also contained some brief articles on the cover artist along with some movie and pop news. It was a drab 1970s forerunner to its 80s equivalent, Smash Hits.

words_rory_gallagher 1973words_rory_gallagher 1973

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  1. I used to love this book if that’s what you call it. I loved that I could sing along to songs with all the words printed out. Pre-google days!

  2. So which song did they choose from Rory? He was the greatest!

    1. Strange. He was the cover star but they didn’t print the words of any his songs!

  3. I used to cut out the lyrics from Words and staple them to the sleeves of the corresponding 45.

    I must have been somewhere on the spectrum.

    1. Do you still have all the 45s?

  4. Not from the early seventies, unfortunately. The sophisticated fifteen-year-old me 1977 got rid of most of them.

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