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I found a catalogue for a 2006 exhibition about Temple Bar in 1985. I’ve scanned in one page below but all the photos are already up on the Irish Architectural Archive¬†web site.
from IIA Temple Bar 15

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  1. Hi Dubdoug,

    Can you give any more information on “The Scheme & NRG”, band members venues & dates etc. I am researching the Dublin music scene from 1976 to 1980. I would be very grateful for anything you can remember, or pictures you have from back then.

    my email is


  2. Great posts, Doug. The Dunphy one is hilarious.

  3. hi,

    any chance you could scan in the rest of the catalogue pages? this one looks incredible.

    1. Jonathan,
      I love these pictures.
      I tend to only scan and post stuff which is not previously available on line.
      In this instance I just scanned one page as all the photos in the catalogue are available to view on the IAA site I mention in the post

      On the IAA site you do you have to navigate to each picture on a one by one basis.
      I think it would have been better if they’d show them all together & provided an experience similar to viewing their catalogue.

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