1984 and Mosney holiday centre (no longer run by Butlins) introduces a computer centre, called the “Atari Computer Base”

computer centre 1984 mosney

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  1. ha, I remember this!

  2. I’m So old I actually remember going in there to play as a kid…

  3. As far as I recall it was actually the “Atari” computer centre. Didn’t they have a rainbow colour scheme around that time? I recall that because I was there in early May ’84 with a football group. The camp as such wasn’t officially open to the public yet, hence this football league tournament was held over 2 days. There were a few hundred people. Football during the day and strenuous drinking at night. They even put on the cabaret for us. Crap. Sonny Knowles, for God’s sake. I was about 23 at the time and hadn’t been in Mosney since 1971 (when I probably thought it was the bee’s b****x) but in ’84 I remember thinking how basically tatty it had become and a bit pathetic really.

    BTW, love your blog, Dubdoug. Just found it today but will definitely visit it regularly. Any blog that features Dundalk in the 70s has got to be good… the Cellars… the Bananas Club… Actually found my Cellars membership card from c. 1983 recently. Wish I’d had a camera back then.

    1. Hi Jaykay,
      Wish I’d had a camera back then. You said it!
      Thanks for feedback & your story about Butlins.
      I loved our holidays and day trips to Butlins when I was a kid. So colourful. Never made it to the “Atari” computer centre though.
      I’m amazed the Cellars had a membership card in operation. Don’t remember that at all!
      thanks again,

      1. Yeah, I was pretty amazed when I found it! I didn’t remember it at all. It must be early 80s cos its got my Dublin address from those days. I’ll do a scan & send it… only a small laminated job coloured yellow.

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