Promotional brochure (double sided a4 folded) for Aylevarroo Caravan Park, Kilrush Co Clare. No publishing date but estimate its circa late 1970s.

Scanned by Brand New Retro.

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  1. The pictures seem to be a real mix – the second one looks very 60s, from the clothes/hairstyles, but in the third one down one of the boys has long hair and wide flares, so deffo 70s. The car ferry referred to in the “how to get there” bit only started in ’69, and that’s a Mark 1 Ford Escort in the last pic, which dates it post-69 also. But style-wise it looks much older. Wow, things have changed.

    Sorry for releasing my inner nerd, Dubdoug ;-\

  2. Yes, perhaps, Jaykay is right. Some of the pictures are a bit confusing or mixed. Anyway, I liked the presentation!

  3. “It is pleasant in the TV room.” Somehow I read that in a Hal from 2001 voice.

  4. Perfect, David!

    “Take a stress-pill, Dave”. Yes!

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