Scanned by Brand New Retro from Irish Press, April 1961

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  1. Jazus on a Suzuki.

    1. Or in a “Bubble-car”. Remember them? The front-opening door, 3-wheelers, like the Reliant Robin, except much less safe. Designed by Heinkel, former purveyors to the Luftwaffe. They were assembled in Dundalk, in the late 50s/early 60s, in the remains of the former Great Northern Railway works, by former GNR craftsmen. How low had the mighty fallen! It didn’t last, common sense prevailed. Why was it ever allowed in the first place?

      1. I grew up in Drogheda in the 70s I remember seeing the odd Bubble car from time to time, as a kid I thought they were very interesting looking as an adult I realise they were a liability on the road and offered no protection in the event of a collision. I had no idea they were assembled just up the road in Dundalk of all places, very interesting to discover this fact. Was it the Germans way of revenge for losing the war or did they genuinely think they were safe modes of transport.

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