We’ve scanned all the above adverts from the April 1970 issue of Irish political monthly Nusight.

The Austin Morris advert by Kennys  is photographed outside the then recently constructed (and now in 2016 with planning permission to demolish) Fitzwilton House, Wilton Place, Dublin 2.


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  1. The good looking girl with the long legs………….is Brenda McManus, now Brenda Rohan.

  2. Not just one but four (4) large ads in the same issue for motor vehicles? Says a lot about Mr Browne’s magazine’s credentials in the feminist environmentalist anti-capitalist department.

  3. Memories! Dad had a Morris 1100 that he got around 1966, to replace his Morris Minor. It was a lovely green colour, probably British Racing Green, with heavy chrome bumpers, and hubcaps with the Morris “M” logo on them. 6 of us, including my grandmother, fitted into it, with yours truly in the front seat beside my mother. No seat-belts back then, of course.

    Interesting to know that Fitzwilton building is to go. No loss. And so is Hawkins House, atlong lastDublin’s gain

    1. And that horrible building really does detract from the lovely view of Ms. McManus 😉 And the Morris, of course.

    2. There’s nothing particularly wrong with Fitzwilton , Or , for that matter Hawkins House ( so some authoritative critics would say ). They are both of their time . And reflect in part their their concomitant vandalisms – think ESB Fitzwilliam .
      Back in Dublin last month for a visit , I insist Dublin belongs to me too . And when you consider the by product of the architecture of the last 20 years – was any of it worthwhile ?

      Another monster in Hawkins street , keeping Mulligans in the shade is not going to be Dublins Gain !

      Save the money , tidy it up , re-clad it , and convert it to housing ! screw the developers !

      1. ESB Fitzwilliam isn’t actually all that bad. It fits in, and was designed by Sam Stephenson to do so. I personally think it shouldn’t go. The Fitzwilton thing, on the other hand, is just bad. Totally out of scale, among other things, including sympathy, with its surroundings. As is Hawkins House, except even more so. There was a proposal to re-clad it back about 15 years ago. It was abandoned. Good. It was thrown up on the cheap and shows all the signs of that, and just should go. And, agreeing with you, there’s plenty of room there for a good, lower-rise, development. Housing… yes, that would be good, but realistically it’s been a commercial site since the mid-1800s. That’s not going to change.

  4. God yeah, Hawkins Hse is/was an eyesore. Great canteen there tho…

    1. Must be the only saving grace of that… abortion. Dad, a Dub, was always bemoaning the loss of the Theatre Royal that was on the site. Biggest stage in Europe, as he used to say, and a massive cinema organ that came up out of the floor. I really hope Apollo House is next to go, and the equally awful former Heiton McFerran ****heap on Tara St.

  5. Really interesting!

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