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boat-club and details of people in second pic from top.
boat-club and details of people in second pic from top.



The Word was an international Catholic pictorial magazine edited and published monthly by the Divine Word Missionaries, Roscommon. This feature on Europe’s most westerly university, UCG, (now of course known as NUI Galway) appeared in the April 1972 issue. Click on thumbs above to read full article.

(I think that looks like the same Ronan Dennedy (2nd pic from top) that set up Setanta Sound studios in Dundalk in the late 1970s)
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    1. You may well be right about Ronan D., Doug. Notice that the girl beside him is on a Louth-registered bike (JIY). And whatever about the scenery being improved by girls wearing trousers (weren’t hot pants in around then?😎) its very noticeable that the Sociology class seems to be all girls. The Science lecture was probably all blokes *runs away very fast*

      1. Nice spot with the IY registration.! Thanks Jaykay. Had noticed it, but forgot that it was used for Louth registrations before the ZY series came into play.

  1. Correction BOC it was Ronan Dennedy’s Honda 90! He is from Dundalk thus the Louth reg. and the girl on the bike was Ailbhe Ní Chasaide of the famous family which produced Na Casadaigh I can’t remember the other 2 girls names.

  2. Yes, my old Honda 90 ……which I sold to buy a ticket to Boston to play on Cape Cod with that global super-band – The Irish Tradition !
    We also had a World Tour of Massachusetts (actually Springfield and Holyoke) in 1973. I’m heading back there this coming March to see Mixie Clarke and his US buddies entertain the folks around Paddy’s Day.

    “Fine girl y’are”

  3. A real blast from the past!!..greatto see the “old photos”..hope all are. Lucia

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