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Green Shield Stamps in Ireland 1960s/70s

Green Shield Catalogue #10 -Irish Version- July 1974

Green Shield Catalogue #10 -Irish Version- July 1974

Irish Catalogue #10 - Back Page

Irish Catalogue #10 – Back Page


Irish Catalogue #10 – inside back page

greenshield-july-1974-bowie camera-800greenshield-july-1974-campgreenshield-july-1974-dolls



saver book – stick your stamps here

another- saver-book

another saver-book

Green Shield Stamps originated in the UK but did have an Irish operation which had its own Irish catalogue and a handful of stores in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Waterford. When you bought groceries or petrol at special stores you would get stamps. Stick the stamps in the book and then redeem your prize from the Green Shield Store. The books I’ve scanned above contain 1,280 stamps. To get one stamp, you had to spend 6d (half a shilling). It took my parents years to fill just one book whilst during all the saving and licking and sticking us children would crave all the tempting gifts in the catalogue. When we managed to fill one book, we made a day of it and headed to the Mary St branch in Dublin1. There was a massive queue.  And our preferred gift, the record rack, was out of stock!  We ended up going for one of those rubber hose fittings that squeeze onto the taps on your bath. I’m not too sure when the operation ceased in Ireland (anyone?) but in the UK its owner had long moved into simply selling goods via catalogue and started Argos long before Green Shield became defunct in 1991. All the images above scanned by Brand New Retro. Additional info on Green Shield Stamps from wikipedia.


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  1. Was it Mary St.? I thought I remembered it being in Henry St., just down from Arnott’s, to which we were frequent visitors back then as Dad had one of those store card things. Mind you, my attention would have been less than total, as the “reward” for being dragged around (and not whining) was a quick dash around Hector Grey’s and I was fixated on that. Not that you were going to get much over two bob anyway. But then, he specialised in that. Catapults and so on. Or water guns, which had an annoying habit of breaking. Very soon.

    My mother got a Moulinex food mixer in Green Shield, about 1971. Still have it, in fact. Exotically, it also had a coffee-grinder, which is still used. Lovely smell. Reminds me of Bewleys. Dad got the stamps in the local petrol station and yeah, it took yonks to get enough. If I remember, they were always revising the total upwards (?) but maybe wrong about that. As I said, my attention was less than full.


  2. I remember a big booklet of these in my grandmothers house half filled with stamps,I don’t think she ever actually used them in the end.


  3. I’m stumped trying to identify two of the albums featured,the one underneath the Planxty and the one with the yellow and white cover underneath Thin Lizzys Vagabonds…..


  4. Hello. I was just wondering if this catalogue had a page of electric fans, and if so if , I would be very grateful if you would be able to email it to me? Thanks


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