gearsamantha-drury-lane-boutique99 boutique Parnell st D1

All of the above scanned from a supplement published by New Spotlight in March, 1972 aimed at young people travelling to Dublin for the weekend using CIE’s Great Train Robbery offer of cheap weekend return train fares.

One of the boutiques mentioned, Pia Bang, had opened for business 6 years earlier. We’ve included a scan of a feature about its owner from 1967 (scanned from Womans Way Jan, 1967 )


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  1. PB came a long way from making her own clothes and jewellery to being pursued through the courts for millions of euro…

  2. Is she the mother of those two eejits who ran Bang Cafe?

  3. Is that girl in the House of Cassidy ad on a mobile phone …?

  4. I cant find anything on its a beautiful day boutique duke lane

  5. I still have a skirt that I bought in Pia Bangs…cost me a week’s wages!

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