All pics by Roy Esmonde

On the 5th & 6th October of 1969, Desmond Dekker (RIP) performed at the Palm Beach Ballroom Portmarnock  and at The Crystal Ballroom, South Anne St, Dublin.  (which later became McGonagles). Earlier that year, he scored a UK number 1, an Irish no 7 and a US no 9 hit with his song Israelites.

Whilst in Ireland, he  fitted in time for this fashion photo shoot for New Spotlight with photos taken in the Phoenix Park by Roy Esmonde.  The clothes came from Penneys and were modeled by Desmond along with Mary Kelly, who according to the associated feature ( see below) had just been chosen Miss Ireland 1969.  The bikes are Yamaha 125cc.

19691024-des-dekker-pic2desmond-dekker-pic3 desmond-dekker-text



scanned by Brand New Retro from New Spotlight, Oct 1969

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  1. what a brilliant find… i loved those small yamaha motorbikes…i has the one that was 49cc’s ,so it was technically a moped,but looked butch like a motorbike…

    there’s a certain commonality between the irish and jamaicans …i’m trying to think what it is…maybe it’s london..both at a time being at odds, yet important to the flavour of the place.

  2. Great bloke,did wonders for original skinhead movement and a great vocalist.Saw him at that nightclub in D’olier St maybe 25 or 26 years ago,place packed to rafters.

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