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We’ve scanned 6 further covers from our collection of An Gael Og magazines.  All from 1970 to 1972 with illustrations created by Sean O’Slatra (Slattery).   Sean also did the illustrations for the covers of our 2 previous An Gael Og posts

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  1. those just look beautiful…i also love how the girls aren’t patronised,which is pretty impressive,when you think of when they’d been current…it’s also notable how a musical instrument is empowering for the girls….so much of the past looks ridiculous and cringeworthy ,but not these…they’re both innocent and intelligent.

  2. Yeah, the artwork is top class alright.

    But did you notice how the price seems to have jumped all over the place? I mean, the older scan from 1965 shows that it was 5d but in May 1970 it seems to have been only 4d, and then it jumped to 6d in January 71, the month before decimal money came in. BUT… in May 1971 it had gone up to 5p i.e. 1/-, 100% more than what it had been in January. And then in 1972 it only costs 3p. Weird.

  3. The guys all have conservative short hair.No Hawkwind fans there.

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