Large leaping flames which weave upward in a dance of delight. Various Sunhouse adverts and front page features ¬†all scanned from copies of Woman’s Way 1966 & 67.

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  1. My parents had one of those, like the one in the top picture, except that at both ends it had two small cupboards with doors instead of being open. But they were so narrow that they were totally impractical for keeping anything inside. There was a red-coloured bulb inside it and a spindle with sort of blades fitted all along its length that rotated in the hot air from the bulb, giving the “flame” effect. It looked ok in the dark alright but you’d never mistake it for an actual fire. And the smell of burning dust off it if it hadn’t been used for a while… I can still remember that. it lasted for years, up to the 90s, 30 years, but then they didn’t really use it all that much anyway because I think it was very heavy on electricity.

  2. Yes, very heavy on electricity. 1 bar = 1 unit per hour. We didn’t have one but our Town Nana did. Instead we had this very dangerous paraffin heater which one night went askey and needed the fire brigade to prevent whole house going on fire.
    Look forward to your post later this week!

  3. Yeah, I well remember those paraffin heaters – unmistakable smell. You must remember the guy who used to drive around selling the paraffin, in a van with a tank at the back? “Esso Blue” or whatever it was called, the van had the Esso logo on it. That must have been some dangerous job, given that everyone smoked like troopers back then and he just filled the paraffin cans from a spigot thingie on the tank, no hose or anything, direct into the can from the tap. Not to mention what could have happened in a crash, because it was just a sort of Morris Minor van with a tank in the back, not heavy metal like a petrol tanker or anything.

    BTW, for a couple of posts recently the name changed to “jaymkay60”, because when I signed-up to WordPress after your invite to contribute, I forgot to put the “jaykay” name in the correct place. Anyway I’ve changed it back now.

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