Sounded like a good idea, but these sticks never matched the reliable wood sticks.
HB Ice Cream was good, but never a fan of their pure Ice Pops (never called them Lollies). Palm Grove produced  the juiciest  ice pop.

Scanned by Brand New Retro from Our Boys, July 1973.

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  1. Oh man… I remember these. I think I might have built some sort of rocket thing. The sticks were all over the street for months.

    1. oh yeah..the rocket…three different looked great.

  2. i always remember how for a while, there was a couple of the machines on the amusement arcades where you could jam the lolly stick into the slot to eek out the pennies…in the end though we just banged and nudged the machines until the alarms went off and we’d get chased out…i laugh when i think of how the choc ice was the snob of lollypops.

    1. Very true. Choc Ice WAS the snob of Ices. Reserved for rare occasions.


      1. it was funny to watch the ones who’d be eating them…all self satisfied superior n’all…a flipping choc ice……hahaha

  3. Jeez, I was 12/13 in 1973 but I don’t remember any of those ones! And why did they spell it “lollie” instead of “lolly”? The ones I really liked (apart from Choc-ices – pretty rare, those) were “Icebergers”, with that weird soft brown-coloured outer wafer that tasted a little bitter. They were HB, weren’t they?

  4. Wall’s in England and other sisters companies in every country used same adverts as HB Hazelbrook farm in Ireland.

    1. It worth who has a videos I wonder older RTE advert breaks from the 1960’s or 1970’s decades. Every year since 1980 is online via YouTube.

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