Beach Boys Adelphi Dublin 1967

freshmen with Beach Boy Bruce Johnson -Belfast 1967


The Beach Boys came to Ireland in May 1967 for gigs in the Adelphi, Dublin and the ABC cinema, Belfast.

Brian Wilson had long stopped touring so wasn’t with them. But unexpectedly absent was lead sing Carl Wilson who, days earlier, had appeared in NY Court accused of evading US Army draft & ordered not to leave the country. The court later relented and he was allowed to travel and arrived at the Adelphi just as their second show was about to start.

The night wasn’t a success. Some 300 fans demanded their money back! (read all below).
View set list for the gig here.

Article and pix all scanned from New Spotlight, May 1967. This was the first issue (vol 1, No 1) when it moved from monthly to weekly. The article & interview with Carl Wilson is by John Coughlan (RIP), Managing Editor of New Spotlight. John is pictured above with the Beach Boys in their Belfast dressing room. (Photographer for pix not credited), Click on articles below to enlarge and read more.



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    1. Not in 1968 they weren’t. Dennis and Charles wouldn’t cross paths until 1968. Also, The Beach Boys only recorded and released one of Manson’s tunes, which Dennis transformed into a fully realised song.

  1. Carl refused to go to Vietnam while others only sang about it.

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