Scanned by Brand New Retro from the March 10th issue of Woman’s Way, 1967.
View these homes now at Bayside, Sutton on our map.

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  1. when you look at that in reflection..ireland..england… we all fell for the same crap. we all just wanted a sodding lifestyle to lift us above the humdrum of our lives…… nothing’s changed really.

  2. “(…) green lawns outside planned for safety and maternal supervision.” Only the mammies looked after the kids in 1960s Ireland – the Daddies kept an eye on the world from the comfort of their patios.

  3. Love the “roll up sauna” with infrared features (?), the “golden coloured vinyl” (presumably 60s orange?) and “Might be in the South of France, could be, but it’s in Sutton just the same”. Little nuggets of domestic bliss innocence.

  4. They did get one thing right, Bayside turned out to be “good to grow up in”. From a child’s point of view the unusual, almost eccentric layout of the estate and abundance of greenery opened all kinds of possibilities for play. The other estates nearby seemed drab in comparison, being mostly long straight rows of houses.

    Visually, the Bayside houses seem very modern in comparison to the norm at the time. I wonder how they seemed back then.

  5. and the inescapable banyan tree as the true ruler and heir of not only this house….

  6. Memories….Pleasant parklands of Bayside for the young children to romp!
    …And the Bayside Inn for the adults…Better than the south of France 😉

  7. Happy happy days. Bayside’s still fab.

  8. It’s certainly a well designed development for its time. I know I’ve said it before, but those open-plan 60s houses, especially these ones with the stairway opening right off the main living room, must have been a bitch to heat once the oil crisis struck in the 70s. All those big windows, long before double glazing… At least the roof is insulated, which was pretty far-seeing for the time. And they did have fireplaces.

    Mind you, describing it as “minutes from Dublin city centre” was a bit cheeky, even with much less traffic around in those days, almost 20 years pre-DART.

  9. Great times playing as kids in Bayside I remember the bad 70’s wallpaper in our house, they weren’t cold as even though open plan they were small.

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