The ‘Too Late’ guide to Alcohol is scanned from Dundalk Fanzine, Too Late, issue 5, from Feb, 1982.
The Pernod (“either makes you randy or sick, makes us randy”) Advert below, was photographed on location at Bullock Harbour, Co. Dublin and wasn’t in Too Late but  scanned from Sunday World, August, 1978

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  1. Ah, Smithwick’s Barley Wine – I remember it well…

    Wait a minute, on second thoughts, I had a couple of bottles back in the 80s and now I can remember nothing…

  2. barley wine was powerful stuuf,,believe you can still get it down wicklow,carlow,wexford way and in off licences.used to be top of the league with COLT 45 beer,before Colt got banned for being too strong.REMEMBER COLT 45 anyone????skinheads in CORK in mayfield and greenmount used to drink tons of both before heading to the bodega.

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