bay-city-rollers-portmarnock-1976The Bay City Rollers appeared at Porrtmarnock, Country Club in April, 1976. to collect an award at the Starlight Showbiz Awards. The rollers were massive in 1975 but by 1976, Rollermania was beginning to wane.  This gig was the first public appearance of new band member, Irish-born guitarist, Ian Mitchell who replaced Alan Longmuir.

Article scanned by Brand New Retro from Starlight Magazine April 1976

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    1. Thank You! And sorry it took so long.

  1. i love how ‘the kids make the sign of the cross at the limo/hearse’… the rollers were truly the sound of 1974’s housing estates.

  2. Thanks for this article. I was one of the lucky ones who got to meet the band in Sutton Castle, in their bed room of all places. I was 16 at the time and got all their autographs and a kiss from Derek. Couldn’t remember the month or year until I came across this article. Going to Vicar Street to see Les and the rest of the new band

  3. Thanks Christine, enjoy the gig in Vicar St.

  4. Saw Les in Vicar St. myself before Xmas, great performance & hasn’t aged much since the heydays. Alan Longmuir and Woody are apparently with Les in the reformed line-up but didn’t make it.

    OK, the Beatles were the greatest and my favourite, Debbie Harry was my pop crush but the Rollers gave us catchy, upbeat stuff that was the soundtrack to the happiest days of my life. Wonder where they all are now, hope they’re keeping well.

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