cover-jan1982-no-144-ballagcontentsrobert-ballagh-jan1982-modern-architecturenorth-king-st-1982-pic-robert-ballaghirish-distillers-smithfield-1982-robert-ballaghlrw-mount-st-1982-robert-ballaghearls fort tce- parliament st - 1982-r-ballaghaosdana-first-89-artists-1982aosdana-first-89-artists-1982-some-pixaosdana-first-89-artists-1982-listifi-dub-1982-advert-pat-brocklebank -elvistokyo-olympics-leisureland-1981golden-horde-chant-chant-dec 1981-hirschfiled-gerard-sigginsAll above scanned by Brand New Retro from issue #144 of In Dublin from January, 1982


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  1. I think those Fitzwilliam Place offices have aged rather well. Plus, there is tradition of architecture aping the styles of the past, look at all the 19th Century buildings that decided they had to have doric columns, for some reason, like London’s lamented Euston Arch.

  2. The site featured in colour on the cover is Peter Place, off Charlemont St. Used to go through it on the way to and from work/pub all the time back then. The Béal Bocht was on the corner – demolished years ago. The whole area has been almost completely redeveloped since, of course, in a way that nobody would have dreamed possible back in 1982, and the three derelict houses in the photo are long gone. Unfortunately, the three horrible office blocks fronting onto Harcourt Road are still there, although the one on the left has been given a makeover. There was a huge derelict site fronting onto the canal for years, which is where the cover picture has been taken from. It was a real eyesore. It’s now where the Hilton Hotel is.

    I’d agree with drjasoncarty that that building on the corner of Fitzwilliam Place has aged well. It mirrors the front of Holles St. Hospital way down at the bottom of Fitzwilliam St. which is actually pretty clever, although I think the roof structure is a bit clumsy. I work pretty close by and have actually seen tourists taking pictures of it!

  3. great, stuff, thanks for that Jaykay and for pointing out the location. I’ll be able to pin it to the map now!

    1. Actually… ackshilly… one of those three houses wasn’t derelict. You can see that from the picture. I seem to remember an old couple were there. But the whole area was so derelict. We used to use it as a p**s stop on the way home from the pub. You had to be careful around there then. The Beal Bocht pub was owned by the Black family, as in Mary Black. Great sessions there… her brother had a bike shop beside it. Bought my first good road bike there.

      1. Was it not a greengrocers beside an beal bocht?

  4. What a difference 30 years makes…Margaretta D’Arcy’s name can be seen as being honoured as a founding member of Aosdana…now the same state has taken her liberty away at the age of 79 for protesting at Shannon Airport against the state’s unwillingness to apply its own laws…

    Oh, and Happy New Year, Dubdoug!

    1. Was just thinking same thing this morning Jake. Thanks for popping by and adding comment. And happy new year to you.


  5. An Béal Bocht was most definitely ‘NOT’ owned by any member of the Black family. It was in fact owned by a lady & her son named Carmel & Mick Gleeson (not even remotely rested to the Blacks!!) Mary Blacks family ran a small grocers shop further down Charlemont Street which they all lived o er, this is the shop that later ecame the bike shop mentioned, ran by the youngest Black brother, Martin!!!

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