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clamp-parksafe-mcormack-tech-sales1980-harp-lager-calendar-11980-harp-lager-calendar-21980-harp-lager-calendar-3All pages scanned by Brand New Retro from Executive Magazine, December 1979.
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  1. Tips for budding entrepreneurs: If you put a topless tranny on the cover of your men’s magazine you’re likely to go out of business.

    1. In 70’s Ireland you couldn’t pick or choose when it came to girls who were willing to flash their tits on a magazine cover.

  2. Hmmm… my dad was in the Harp Lager brewery at that time. Satzenbrau was brewed there. Pure piss. Not that dear ol’ dad would have had anything to do with it, being a whiskey and Guiness man. I seem to remember that when it came out first in the 70s it was actually marketed as a drink for women, if you can believe that. Working in local hotels at that I can say it was never drunk by men anyway. In fact, it may never have been drunk much by women either. It was crap.

  3. Are those magazines worth anything now? Think I still have a couple.

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