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Executive Magazine Christmas Issue 1979



fashion1-photos-by-pat-monaghan kilakee house-exeutive -mag-photos-by-pat-monaghan fashion2-photos-by-pat-monaghan

kilakee house-fashion-photos-by-pat-monaghansatzenbreau-pilsblue-max-advert-1979


clamp-parksafe-mcormack-tech-sales1980-harp-lager-calendar-11980-harp-lager-calendar-21980-harp-lager-calendar-3All pages scanned by Brand New Retro from Executive Magazine, December 1979.
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  1. Hmmm… my dad was in the Harp Lager brewery at that time. Satzenbrau was brewed there. Pure piss. Not that dear ol’ dad would have had anything to do with it, being a whiskey and Guiness man. I seem to remember that when it came out first in the 70s it was actually marketed as a drink for women, if you can believe that. Working in local hotels at that I can say it was never drunk by men anyway. In fact, it may never have been drunk much by women either. It was crap.


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