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Patricia McMahon 1933 – 2013


My mother, Patricia McMahon, died suddenly last Friday, 15th November. She was 80.

That’s her in the photo above with my late Dad at Butlin’s Mosney in 1964. Regular visitors to Brand New Retro will know that this photo was used as our main banner for over 2 years until it was recently replaced by, in her words, “some new fancy logo thing”.

Patricia supplied loads of source material for Brand New Retro. Just last week we scanned and published her Butlin’s Souvenir Progamme from our 1965 family holiday in Mosney. She enjoyed that her collection of old magazines, many of which she had held onto for decades, was now being put to good use.

Her contribution towards Brand New Retro is just one of many things for which she will be very sadly missed.

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  1. RIP Doug, this blog has brought me so many happy memories, all starting with that lovely photo at the top of the page which brought back exactly the same memories of my time in Butlins. I hope your mum got great pleasure out of seeing it all brought back to life over the past few years. Thanks to you for starting it and hope you will feel motivated to keep it going.



  2. So sorry to hear that Brian, just noticed your post. Her memory lives on in your great work. I’m sure she is very proud of you, as you are of her obviously. I will be thinking of you all at this time. Deirdre J. down the road.


  3. So sorry to hear of your sad loss. I often wondered who the gorgeous lady was in that wonderful photograph. I love your posts – they’re a little ray of sunshine in my inbox, and it’s lovely to know you used so much of her own personal archive of material for Brand New Retro. May she rest in peace. Best wishes, Susan


  4. Sorry for your loss.

    Rest assured that your mothers collection has brought a smile to the face of many people. I left ireland 3 years ago and always look forward to a new posting on the site.


  5. Doug, my sympathy at this difficult time, What can be said, the photo and the blog brings back so many memories, RIP to your mum, Slan.


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