schpring-schprong-kimberley-micado-1966 jacob's-marietta-biscuit-1966-advert jacob's-usa-biscuits-1966 jacob's-choc-goldgrain-biscuits-1966 jacob's-clubmilk-biscuits-1966 jacob's-creamcraker-biscuits-1966

Mmmmm, memories of squeezing the butter through the holes in the Marietta.
All above adverts – most credited to Royds agency –  scanned by Brand New Retro from various Miss Magazine & Woman’s Way from 1966.

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  1. These are great… but isn’t the copy so cheesy? They talk about the heyday of advertising. Anyone could have written these.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. You know that Jacob’s had a biscuit during the 1980’s & 1990’s titled Camelot.

  3. Apart from Bars of Chocolate and Biscuits did you know that Jacob’s also made Coffee in their day.

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