Living in London for over a year, Terry Wogan came back on a visit to Dublin in September 1970 and was interviewed by the late Donal Corvin. Donal (see previous posts featuring him here) always managed to get his own photo into these articles.
Scanned by Brand New Retro from New Spotlight, October, 1970.

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  1. Some sideburns on those lads.

  2. “Donal (Corvin) always managed to get his own photo into these articles.”

    And not just newspaper and magazine articles. Somehow he ended up accompanying and interviewing Van Morrison during his famous/notorious appearance on Bil Keating’s ‘Talk About Pop’ TV special on RTE in 1973. Bad and all as the whole episode turned out to be, it degenerated into farce when Corvin encouraged Morrison to walk around the studio on his hands and VM took him up on it…

    1. Amazing! Never knew that. Thanks Jake.

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