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4 Dublin Fanzine Covers 1991-92 + Sonic Youth Interview





Two Dublin Fanzine Covers from 1991 (Nonesuch & Bumcheck) and two (Radioactive, Nosebleed) from 1992.
I’ve scanned an interview with Sonic Youth (from the Nosebleed fanzine above ) which took place at their Dublin gig (Top Hat) with Nirvana as opening act. Click on links below to read.


Sonic Youth 1/4


Sonic Youth 2/4


Sonic Youth 3/4


Sonic Youth 4/4



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  1. Hi
    actually Radioactive was called ‘Readioactive’ (you missed the pun there!). We did three issues over maybe two years all printed on the double sided photocopier in Reids of Nassau Street.
    Some goods times doing it. Meeting Henry Rollins wasn’t one of them ha! But drinking in the Spermbirds tour bus was. Actually Henry Rollins is cool think we just wrecked his head.
    It’s weird looking back at something you’ve written over 20 years ago (I imagine seeing some old my old school essays would stir similar emotions – Plenty of it was error strewn and misguided and full of anger)

    Cheers Dave


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