swallows-irish-group--1970The New Spotlight Pin-Up section appeared on the inner back cover of New Spotlight Magazine. All above scanned from issues from the summer of 1970.

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  1. some fine strapping men there…i always loved how they pushed their nadds down one side of their legs in the tight trousers….a good example is in the first picture….i recognise two of the fellas in that photo…first and forth from the right….they later were the singer and guitar player in a showband called ‘sunshine’…one of them is called stuart bingham…i saw them play all the hits in kellys in portrush..the flamingo in ballymena….in fact to get back to the tight trouser thing….i would watch them rehearse the new hits of the day in kellys in portush,and afterwards they’d have cheese and tomato toasties at the bar….and the singer in that photo would wear the tight trousers and went for a wee wee…and came back and i noticed he had a ‘wet penny’ know..the damp patch on the trousers from not wearing underpants to make the tackle look bigger than what it really is… shockingly pristine memory recalls shyte like that in an instant.

    1. .my shockingly pristine memory recalls shyte like that in an instant.
      Know what you mean, Mary.

      I really enjoyed your memories from the 70s over on your blog. Fascinating posts.

  2. ahhhhhh jaysus…poor old spotlight,sometimes they got it right,beat bands,prog and folk rock bands….lots of times they got it wrong..showbands who couldnt put an original track together if you wrote it down for ’em………and were managed by goons who tried to destroy beat band and rock band culture here.planks….

    1. if i remember rightly the young louis walsh,was the editor of spotlight magazine.

  3. What was it with showbands band members all wearing matching outfits?

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