andy-fletcher-depeche-mode-dublin-1983-a booth
depeche-mode-dublin-1983-a booth
From 30 years ago, this is Depeche Mode in Dublin at the time of the Eight Amendment to the Irish Constitution Referendum. Read more about this  in the interview by X Moore scanned below from NME, September, 1983.  Photos by Adrian Boot.
Anyone recognise the pub?

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nme-sep1983-depeche-mode-p1 nme-sep1983-depeche-mode-p2
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A relative of the woman in the photo with Andy Fletcher got in touch after the Brand New Retro book issued in late 2015 and told me the pub was the Hill 16. Jack Charlton was a regular visitor to the pub so I tweeted the above on the day he died.

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  1. amazing what they went on to become…they started out so twee,and became so brilliant, heavy and robust…still creative 30 years on…just goes to can never second guess the future.

    1. What hotel did Depeche mode stay in Dublin at the time

      1. why do you ask? have you a vague idea that you maybe got your leg over one of em on that faraway night,so long ago.

      2. Depeche mode played in Galway at one stage as well

  2. Welcome Inn, Parnell street

  3. Thanks, that’s great. This has been bugging me. Any reason why you know so?

  4. That’s not right. They walked into the lobby of the Gresham hotel after the gig where I was at a debs ball and asked me up to their room.
    Howzabout them apples!

    1. actually that was the opening night of the 1984 gig, i distinctly remember the debs being on the thursday night as the friday we went to jewels nightclub on baggot street after the gig.

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